"A Brilliant Plan" featured on Wattpad!

Proud to announce that my "A Brilliant Plan" novel is one of the "featured" books on Wattpad in the category "Mysteries / Thrillers". Of course you can head over to Wattpad and read the story there (all 50 Chapters of it). It's amazing how many people have read this story. A Brilliant Plan is the first English full length novel I published, so I hold it very dear to my heart. May many other people discover it during October's promotion!

If you prefer to read it on your beloved ebook reader like a Kindle or any other device, of course you may buy it at any online book outlet in any format imaginable. Fancy the print in your hands, also possible. Here's the link to my book page where you find some of the outlets selling the story.


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Serial, Editing, Writing — Updates from the desk

Hi there, long time no news, but finally...

Serial: Kind reminder, A Brilliant Plan is still developing on Wattpad.com. Chapters 5 & 6 are up now and our heroine Calendar Moonstone is involved deeper and deeper into the net of murder, intrigue, and 150 year old diamond mystery.

Editing: Tuesday brought back my romantic comedy (with kids) Five for Forever from the Amazon editing service. I already had run the book past one editor to be able to publish it in case Kindle Publishing wouldn't pick it up. But they did, so I have the luxury of another round of publisher sponsored editing. I had thought the previous version was a solid one, but boy, had I been mistaken. Tons of suggestions and corrections to go through. I hope to finish by end of next week, eager to get it on the market.

Writing: My new Troubleshooter full sized novel is coming along nicely. It is set in London once more and a mix of Three Days of Condor meets The Jackal. I am about to reach the end of Act 3, where the main mystery will be revealed, sending Paul and his story-sidekick into a frenzied race against time to stop a conspiracy.