I write different styles and currently run various book series in parallel. Here is a quick orientation about the books and their reading sequence. All my books see further below.
The Calendar Moonstone "Brilliant" Series:  (1) A Brilliant Plan, (2) Brilliant Actors
The Paul Trouble "Troubleshooter" Series: (1) Troubleshooter, (2) Troublemaker, (3) Pieces of Trouble, (4) Troubleseeker (Please check out the special Troubleshooter page for the linear reading sequence of every story)
"Teen Monster Hunter" Series: (1) Teen Monster Hunters, (1.5) The Test (to be found on Wattpad), (2) Teen Vampire Hunters

Teen Vampire Hunters (Book 2 in the Teen Monster Hunters Series)
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The Teen Monster Hunters are back! The scary mountain retreat of an eccentric millionaire. A mysterious coffin in the basement. A dead dog with vampire bite marks! While investigating threats, attacks, and suspicious mansion inhabitants, Sally, Ryan, and Moe will need all their supernatural expertise to trap the beast and catch the mastermind.

Teen Monster Hunters (Book 1) 
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Hawthorne High is not Sally Storm’s favorite spot in the world. Nothing going on, an overzealous deputy principal, obnoxious football jocks, and cheerleaders that get on your nerves. And Sally is stuck at a back-row table beside the class genius Ryan Montgomery. 

When the school’s janitor is mysteriously attacked in the basement, it’s written off as the result of a drunken stumble and an overeager dog’s scratches. How convenient! But not everyone is convinced, and curious Sally starts to investigate, and ends up making a hair-raising discovery!

Monsters don’t exist. That’s what you believe. That’s what Sally believes. Because your parents told you so over and over again. Do monsters exist, after all? There’s only one way to find out! With the help of her newly-found genius friend Ryan and the monosyllabic, gentle giant Moe, Sally sets out to face whatever it is in the basement.

Troubleseeker — A Troubleshooter Thriller (Book 3)
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Late Night Mystery for Paul Trouble
An injured man falls into Paul's apartment and dies on the doorstep. Followed by two ruthless killers. And they did not expect opposition from a former US-Marine soldier and Ex-CIA agent. How wrong can you get? Especially when the ruthless killers are ...
...Two Dead Policemen...
... baffle London’s Metro Police DCI Stephanie Burton. Found in the apartment of a financial accountant, a nobody, Mr. Paul Trouble. With him as the lead suspect, the manhunt begins. But Burton realizes...
...Things Are Not What They Seem!
Burton must team up with Paul to stop a conspiracy with eyes and deadly arms everywhere! With rising stakes, who can you trust when the enemy comes from within? From people who are there to protect!

Five for forever — A romantic comedy (kids included)
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Rick Flint’s life took an unexpected turn when his wife died two years ago, leaving him with four kids, a struggling boat-building business, and a failing match-making best friend. His life takes another unexpected turn when he meets Louise.
Louise Waters is the greatest movie star of our times, ruling the silver screen for the last ten years. Her ultimate success comes at a price: A lonely life in a gilded cage. She’s at her peak but why does she feel that something is missing in her life? Shouldn’t there be somebody to hold, and to share life with? One small problem: “No one asks Louise Waters out on a date!”
A chance encounter between Louise and Rick turns into a relationship. But both find out that it is easy to fall in love but very hard to keep it afloat with the past, present and future holding you back; especially when you have paparazzi around every corner and the United Kids of Flint commenting your every move.
When things take dramatic turns, Louise and Rick learn when it comes to love, family, and kids, there is no half-in. And sometimes your kids do know best.

Pieces of Trouble — Four short stories from the Troubleshooter universe
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Paul Trouble, former elite soldier and retired spy master, is Strom Industries’ troubleshooter and fixer for dodgy situations, still recovering from the aftershocks of losing his left hand. He is the accountant you want to have by your side when bullets and knives replace Excel spreadsheets and paper staplers. The four novellas in this collection show faces of Paul Trouble you have not seen before:
Fast Trouble: Paul Trouble and his trusted young sidekick Tom Chan need to solve a Strom Industries corporate issue in Brazil during a short stop-over.
Private Trouble: Paul as a cocky young Marine helping out his girlfriend after a robbery.
A Trouble Termination: Paul is back on the job after he lost his left hand to the hammer-blows of mad arms-dealer Picard. A Parisian operation tests his operational skills to the limits.
Trouble at Christmas: Trouble will find Paul during his Christmas vacations back home in Montana, reconnecting him with a life he thought he had left behind twenty years ago.

Troublemaker — Paul Trouble's "Die hard in the woods"
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The Ransom: Ten Million Dollars in Diamonds
Strom Industries’s CEO Henry Daven is kidnapped at gunpoint during a critical business merger deal. Now a thirty billion dollar deal hangs in the balance, making many people unhappy. And some very happy. Daven’s last instruction: get Paul Trouble!
A Shark Tank Of Suspects And Intrigue
Paul faces an overbearing Strom Industries owner family that pales Dallas and The Sopranos, a suspiciously well-organized Animal Protection group, and double-crossing greedy kidnappers.
Die hard in the woods...
During the worst blizzard ever to hit the East Coast for years, trapped, alone and unarmed, Paul needs all his former spymaster and Marine skills to save his boss and himself from a gang of merciless killers in the middle of the Massachusetts wilderness.

Brilliant Actors — Calendar Moonstone's second adventure
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What could be more exciting than attending the Academy Awards ceremony, joining the hottest after-show party, and have an A-movie star wearing your jewelry? 
All of the above, plus spending the rest of the night in jail!

Acclaimed jewelry maker and part-time cat burglar Calendar Moonstone finds a stolen necklace in her purse, an enigmatic, unemployed actor with a cheesy name working against her, her full-time nemesis hard on her trail, and an intriguing chief of police asking for a date. The only catch is she has just thirty days to clear her name or go to jail—permanently. Calendar sets out to make sure that the right person is caught and her own name cleared again. Even if it means she has to cut some corners, pick some locks, and break some hearts—Calendar style.

Trouble at Christmas — a Troubleshooter Novella - out exclusively (for now) on Amazon. Available only as Kindle eBook.

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Home for Christmas… Former elite-soldier-turned-accountant Paul Trouble is prepared for a good time spent reconnecting with friends and family at his father’s ranch in Welcome, Montana. But very soon, Paul discovers that things are not what they seem and that a peaceful holy night is clearly not in the stars. A neighborhood feud is endangering the family, so Paul unwraps his trusted set of Marine Special Forces skills and sets out to investigate.

“Trouble at Christmas” is a follow up novella to bridge the wait before the next Troubleshooter book.

Troubleshooter — available on all major bookstores as eBook and paperback:

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One hundred million dollars have gone missing from the accounts of Strom Defense Industries. An underwhelming data-digging assignment for ex-soldier-ex-spy financial-controller Paul Trouble. But soon the case turns into murder and mayhem, and Paul will need all his former skills to stay on top of the game.
The first book in the Paul Trouble series.

A Brilliant Plan — my first novel on Amazon and other marketplaces. Available as eBook and paperback.

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Meet Calendar Moonstone, acclaimed creator of jewelry for the rich, the royals and the famous. And compulsive part-time cat burglar whenever there are rare diamonds whispering her name.
It was planned as a routine Thanksgiving part-time job: get in, crack the safe, fetch the diamonds. Instead Calendar finds the dead body of a night watchman and by sheer chance becomes involved to find the murderer and the stolen jewels. She gets teamed up with a cute police detective and a not so cute insurance investigator who sees Calendar behind almost every jewelry heist ever committed. To stay out of jail, Calendar has to use all her wits, skills and charm. And must solve a century old jewelry mystery.