Week after Week: A Brilliant Plan serialization on Wattpad

Hi everyone. A Brilliant Plan, out now for almost three years on Amazon and almost all other eTailers in print and digital is now being published on Wattpad in atwice-a-week serial. Expect one full chapter, some longer, some shorter, on Wattpad. Head over and get your fix. It's for free. Depending on the success it might convince me to start writing the third Calendar Moonstone adventure, which I have put on ice for now (but the storyline is already there).

It's a fast paced story about diamonds, jewelry, murder, and betrayal. Calendar Moonstone is an acclaimed jewelry designer, on the heads and around the necks of European Royals. By day. By night, she is a compulsive cat burglar, stealing diamons for thrill and profit. A quick art gallery job goes wrong when Calendar stumbles upon a dead body and a century old mystery. It will not be the only body. The question is: will Calendar be among them?