What I am working on — Chick-Lit, SciFi and Shorts

Troublemaker is out and already out of my focus. I should spend more time to promote and make sure that it finds a readership, but as usual I enjoy more the act of writing than the act of business. So next up in line are four oevres in various stages of completion:
  • Chick-Lit (a variation on the Notting Hill movie theme) - my take on Jojo Moynes or Cecile Ahearn. Something lighter but with a lot of drama. A book about choice, love, regrets, friendship. And death. I am at about 50K words into writing, with estimated 25K to go. The main structure stands, all important chapters are done, so the rest is pure blood, sweat, and tears. 
  • Science Fiction with light horror (my take on Invasion of Bodysnatchers) and over the top action. Heads will roll, aliens will be maimed, knifed, shot, exploded and run over. I started this one a while ago, but then had more motivation to finish Troublemaker and my second German Piratenkapitän.
Then there are two Paul Trouble shorts in the wings. Both are pretty much done, I just need to review them and to send them to the editor. But who has the time.
  • Private Trouble - Paul's time as a fresh recruit, right after his Marine training. It shows the young, cocky, invincible Paul who already has some of the resourcefulness and cleverness that he needs in his later spy and troubleshooter life.
  • Fast Trouble (working title) - Paul and his sidekick Tom are stopping over in Sao Paulo to indentify a bad apple in the top management of Brazil's Strom Industries. Point of view is Tom Chan this time. He is doubting that Paul will be able to solve the case in the few hours they have alotted.