The Year So Fast / Upcoming

2018 is almost over and 2019 knocks at my door. I managed to publish my usual two books, the German version of Teen Monster Hunters and the English follow-up Teen Vampire Hunters. Which is good, I guess. Sales-wise the monthly checks came in from my various publishing platforms, but definitely not with the numbers I’d like to see. It remains an inner struggle to spend time with non-writing activities. Maybe I should heed a friend’s advice and hire someone to run social campaigns to extend my readership.

The second route in 2019 will be the conventional publisher route. I have 11 full size books under my belt, have the basic handiwork of a writer, and the discipline to deliver on time. My current project is aimed at a broader thriller scifi horror audience and hopefully an agent or publishing house will be interested.

On a personal level, there are also big changes ahead. I am switching jobs, leaving behind a lot of very nice colleagues. The new job is a bit cloak and dagger, so I will not elaborate. I might need to establish a sort of topical firewall to separate truth from believable fiction when writing crime and spy stories.

And so it goes… 2018. Thanks for the memories. Good riddance to lost opportunities. 2019, it’s in my hands to do it better.

Cover to Cover - Why I needed "Teen Monster Hunters" darker!

Saturday had been creative change day.

Closed the story line on another RomCom romantic comedy  (What do you think about the tagline: "Three friends, one startup, one vow: no romantic distractions. Yeah, right!")

Decided what to write next, continuing the Teen Monster Hunters series with the next 50K word novel, working title "Teen Vampire Hunters".

Cover TMH1 800px.jpg

Changed the cover of Teen Monster Hunters. What? Why? I felt, the cover was too bright and cartoonish. I like the cartoon concept, to the extend that it will be a recurring theme for the next books and novella short stories. But for monster hunting story, the color scheme and cover should be slightly more edgy and scary. 

Teen Monster Hunters V2 Alex Ames 800px.jpg

Before and after. What do you think?

Pronoun Publishing - R.I.P.

Pronoun RIP.png

Today I received notification from one of my meta publishers "Pronoun" that they cease their operations. I have used them just a few weeks ago to publish my latest novel "Teen Monster Hunter" into the various e-channels for ebooks. 

Too bad. I really liked the uncomplicated interface that autosaved your inputs, always told you where you were in the process and did not asked you to overly format your Word document that would be converted by the service into the various' platform ebook formats. (A more detailed comparison to the gorilla in the room Smashwords can be found here)  No real reason was given by the mother-publishing company Macmillan. My guess: the financials weren't there for indie book publishing.


What does this mean for me? Well, first of all a lot of non-creative work to move some of my works over to another platform. Three of my works currently get distribution via Pronoun: "Teen Monster Hunters", "Troubleseeker", and "Pieces of Trouble".  Links change, formatting changes, resubmission process, new ISBN... I hate this distraction when all I want to do is write on my next books.

Pronoun Alex Ames Books Troubles.jpg

Teen Monster Hunters - out now! Plus free goody!

This is it: Teen Monster Hunters is finally out and available at all major e-tailers (Print version to follow in a few days). Follow Sally Storm and her formidable friends, genius Ryan Montgomery and single-word slow guy Moe Doe, at their high school adventure to discover there is more to their school than obnoxious football jocks and boring classes.

But wait, there is more: I created a small sequel to Teen Monster Hunters called "The Test". And guess what, it's free!!! All you have to do is follow it on Wattpad, the serialized chapters will come out every two days. Hope this gives you a taste of the new series, and makes you addicted (and makes you buy Teen Monster Hunters!)

Monster Banner Maybe we run into each other one of these days.jpg