Five for Forever ready! But not yet out...

That took a while! September! Suits me right. But a lot of things happened during the four months, mainly around my latest book titled Five for Forever. Wrote the whole thing, finished after a tour de force before Christmas, shipped it to the editor, ran through the whole thing again and back, and I am now ready to publish. The cover is done, too, I'll reveal that in a few days, hopefully.

To market my new book I will turn to a new service from Amazon called "Kindlescout". I submitted my book just a few minutes ago. It goes through three stages, if all goes well. Firstly, a check on Amazon's side for formality. Secondly a nomination process by potential readers like you (and me). If after 45 days a book has received enough votings, the book will be contracted by Kindle Press and marketed in the big mean Amazon machine.
Let's see how that works out.