Wattpad - Chapter 5 - The Big Man // Troubleshooter Serialization just out

Check it out, Chapter 5 just out on Wattpad of my first Troubleshooter novel — title: "The Big Man". The story is picking up. Head over to Wattpad!

But one look into Trouble’s eyes, and there was no underestimation of anything. His green eyes showed a strange mix of curiosity and hardness. He radiated confidence. None of the nervous wandering that many of Daven’s opposites had when they were sitting face-to-face with the big boss. For a second Daven had the impression that a large cat was sitting in front of him, ready to eat him for lunch, if it pleased to do so. Daven shook the feeling off and made a mental note to ask others who had encountered Paul if they were getting the same vibe.
— From: Troubleshooter - Chapter 5 - The Big Man

Wattpad Special — Troubleshooter Chapter by Chapter

Hi everyone, happy New Year, may the force be with you and all that...  To kick off the year and maybe generate some new Paul Trouble fans, check out the chapter-by-chapter reissue of "Troubleshooter" over at Wattpad. 

There are around fifty chapters, so for the next half year, this should do it. Chapters 1 and 2 are up,  I'll try to stick to a Saturday / Wednesday cycle.  

Alex Ames Troubleshooter at Wattpad

Happy Holidays — Why not check out "Trouble at Christmas" for a festive short read!

Just to remind you, my short Troubleshooter Novella "Trouble at Christmas" is still out there. Set right after the Troubleshooter ends, Paul returns home to Welcome, Montana, to visit his dad and old hometown friends. But of course, Troubles get into trouble constantly, and his father is no exception.

You can read it in different form or sizes, here are your options:

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Make my day option: Buy the short story in my Troubleshooter Novella collection "Pieces of Trouble", available online at almost every book and eBook outlet (among it Amazon, Google Play and Apple iBooks). It collects four short stories from the various life stages of the onehanded ex-spy Paul Trouble. Among it, of course, "Trouble at Christmas"



The support the artist option — "Trouble at Christmas" was the first novella. I just published it as a sort of promotional article as a stand-alone novella. You can buy it at Amazon.





The cheapskate version: head over to the online reading platform Wattpad. I have some stories published there to tease readership, among it the very short story "Trouble at Christmas". For free. Really. No strings attached. Like I wrote: the cheapskate version.