Wattpad - Chapter 5 - The Big Man // Troubleshooter Serialization just out

Check it out, Chapter 5 just out on Wattpad of my first Troubleshooter novel — title: "The Big Man". The story is picking up. Head over to Wattpad!

But one look into Trouble’s eyes, and there was no underestimation of anything. His green eyes showed a strange mix of curiosity and hardness. He radiated confidence. None of the nervous wandering that many of Daven’s opposites had when they were sitting face-to-face with the big boss. For a second Daven had the impression that a large cat was sitting in front of him, ready to eat him for lunch, if it pleased to do so. Daven shook the feeling off and made a mental note to ask others who had encountered Paul if they were getting the same vibe.
— From: Troubleshooter - Chapter 5 - The Big Man