Pronoun Publishing - R.I.P.

Pronoun RIP.png

Today I received notification from one of my meta publishers "Pronoun" that they cease their operations. I have used them just a few weeks ago to publish my latest novel "Teen Monster Hunter" into the various e-channels for ebooks. 

Too bad. I really liked the uncomplicated interface that autosaved your inputs, always told you where you were in the process and did not asked you to overly format your Word document that would be converted by the service into the various' platform ebook formats. (A more detailed comparison to the gorilla in the room Smashwords can be found here)  No real reason was given by the mother-publishing company Macmillan. My guess: the financials weren't there for indie book publishing.


What does this mean for me? Well, first of all a lot of non-creative work to move some of my works over to another platform. Three of my works currently get distribution via Pronoun: "Teen Monster Hunters", "Troubleseeker", and "Pieces of Trouble".  Links change, formatting changes, resubmission process, new ISBN... I hate this distraction when all I want to do is write on my next books.

Pronoun Alex Ames Books Troubles.jpg