It's Official: Someone Paid Money to Read Your Book

After about half a year, my Troubleshooter story collection "Pieces of Trouble" found it's first paying customer. That of course is special, though I bet it does not really increase my Amazon author rank much. 

What is also special is that the meta-publisher Pronoun send me an alert with some tips and tricks what to do now. E.g. just this, posting a blog post or twitter about the occasion. Done that. 

While I rode the train home today I thought about some follow up stories from the Troubleshooter universe, and actually came up with one story. Maybe I'll work on it during commute when I am sick of editing T3 (Troubleshooter Book 3). Working title is 'Boy Trouble' and it will pick up on a storyline that is mentioned in one sentence in the unreleased T3 book. Paul mentions to his (female) sidekick that he was in progress dating a neighborhood girl. 'Boy Trouble' will describe the building of the relationship with the plotline that there is a violent boyfriend of some sort in her background. Who of course will learn that Paul Trouble is not just a one handed accountant. One twist will see that Paul attempts to hide his 'persuasion' skills from his girlfriend. I probably will keep the story open ended, whether the girl finds out or not.

Together with a sort of "Paul Trouble, kindergarten cop" story, that's already two more novellas as the basic stock for a second novella collection. But that's probably two years out until I've penned those!

Hey, whoever bought the book: enjoy it.  And hey, whoever did not buy the book, yet, login to Amazon and start buying!!! Print or digital, I don't care as long as you buy!

I can start splurging now.