What's going on? That's going on! In Full Edit Mode

Want to give you an update of what is going on in my writing life. Due to my travellings I also fell short on some of the other stuff I am writing on. My current "Troubleshooter Installment 3" was stopped almost completely, I am far away from my goal to reach a first version by end of May. Plus I am hitting a small block with some aspects of the resolution in Acts 4 and 5. Oh well, no one said it is easy.

Mostly due to the fact that I need to finish the edit for "Five for forever". The word remarks of my editor I managed to almost work through completely. I am running the edit in three stages:

First the small stuff - typos and grammar and simple logical corrections. I took it easy there and simply pressed "Accept" for 99.9 % of the recommendations. First, I am not a native English speaker/writer, so who am I to know it better than my editor. Second, it was a really good edit!

Second comes the comments - my editor left me with about 100 comments in the word document. From the mundane remark that she changed something and I should check whether she did in my interest; mostly yes, by the way. A first pass of comments got rid of all the easy stuff, regarding naming conventions, easy timeline fixes, clarifications, etc. But there are some issues with the timeline that need a solid re-read back and forth to make it right. And in two places I am really hesitant to move things around. To give you one example: I structured the book in seasons, spring, summer, fall, winter,... that coincides with the basic timeline. However I also structured the relationship of the protagonists around the seasons: falling in love in spring, enjoying each other during summer, conflicts appear in fall, break-up suffering period in winter, you get the point. But the calendar timeline where fall starts Sept. 21 and the relationship strains do not 100 % match. The relationship goes downhill slightly earlier in late August. So, what do I base my part-structure on. The calendar or the drama. Will the reader understand this?

Third, not started yet, is the editors letter to me where she gives some structural and content recommendations. I already had cut a lot of stuff, but there are still recommendations where the story is not brought forward enough by some of the chapters. Oh, well, it will be bloodshed weekend, just like on the first episode of Game of Thrones Season 6.