Here is the list of Troubleshooter stories in their "ideal" timeline order. Some of the stories are still in labor.

Private Trouble (Published in "Pieces of Trouble") - When US Marine Private Paul Trouble and his girlfriend are robbed after a nice evening out, Paul sets after the bad guys himself.

Trouble with the Aliens (to be published) - A military exercise before the Canadian Pacific coast gets disrupted when an unidentified aircraft crashes on a nearby island. Unidentified as in "UFO"! Lieutenant Trouble is asked to protect the crash site.

Double Trouble (in development) - The first lady of the USA has vanished and a diplomatic crisis develops. 

Kid’s Trouble (to be published) - When the kid of the senior US diplomat and godchild of the US-President gets into trouble in Russia, Lieutenant Trouble is asked to help out with a creative extraction. 

A Trouble Termination (Published in "Pieces of Trouble") - Paul's last case as a spy, back on the job after losing his left hand.

Troubleshooter - Paul as a financial analyst for Strom Industries gets asked by his CEO to investigate a vanishing of 100 Million dollars. Excel work will turn into dodging bullets.

Trouble at Christmas (Published in "Pieces of Trouble") - Trouble will find Paul during his Christmas vacations back home in Montana, reconnecting him with a life he thought he had left behind twenty years ago.

Long Past Trouble (in development) - Paul, his first year out of business school, happily engaged to Isabelle McAllister, works at Strom Industries in their M&A department. His old boss calls him up, there are news about "Picard", the weapons dealer who smashed Paul's hand with a hammer. Paul assembles the surviving members of his old crew to end Picard's reign once and for all.

Fast Trouble (Published in "Pieces of Trouble") - Paul and his trusted young sidekick Tom Chan need to solve a Strom Industries corporate issue in Brazil during a short stop-over.

Troublemaker (Troubleshooter Book 2) - Strom Industries CEO gets kidnapped and Paul is drawn into the case.

Neighborhood Trouble (to be published) - Paul's kind senior neighbor needs help with some unsavory elements. And help will be delivered, Troubleshooter style.

No Trouble (to be published) - Paul's troubleshooter sidekicks Amy and Tom are forced to solve a case without their trouble-seeking boss present. Things do not go as planned when one of their suspects turns up dead.

Troubleseeker (Troubleshooter Book 3) - A midnight caller at Paul's doorstep falls dead into his apartment. With two ruthless killers at his heels. Paul will need all his former elite soldier and spy-master skills to unravel an epic conspiracy.

The Last Detail (to be published) - An age old spy rivalry between East and West. Two bitter enemies. One funeral. And one last laugh from the grave.