Die Monsterjäger - German translation of Teen Monster Hunters is out!


The eBook version of the German translation of Teen Monster Hunters is out! The print version to follow soon—actually it's generating as I write this on the new KDP print publishing feature that maybe will replace Createspace for me. 

Alex Ames Die Monsterjäger eBook RGB klein Kopie.jpg

That was a long month of translating, writing, formatting and contemplating. With the birthday of my youngest kid looming, I had the self set deadline to finish the German translation of Teen Monster Hunters. With five days to go, it might still work out. 

It had been an interesting experience translating your own work from your first (and favorite) writing language into your mother tongue (there will be a separate post about this). The crazy thing is: it took me as long translating and editing the translation as it did me writing the English original. Four week had been the plan. And actually the first translation took me the whole of December, about four weeks. But guess what: fine tuning a story your mother language took me another six weeks! It had been a learning experience, but I am not sure that I want to repeat it. Those 10 weeks could have been a new book!