A writer's life - re-edit, cover, Wattpad, starting a new book

Some updates from the writer's life while Richard Ashcroft does his hymnic singing thing in the background. 

Re-Edit:  "Troubleseeker" arrived back from the editor. Back to the chain gang to embed the edits and do all the homework of rewriting as suggested. Man, I hate this part. It is so labor intensive! I did not dare to check out the Word change log to see how much I have in front of me. But it must be done! A lot of good music will be needed to get me through the nights on this one.

Cover: And then of course the cover. I had some other priorities during the last weeks, so I fell behind on the cover for "Troubleseeker". The draft is there, but not the artwork, and not the copy for the back cover. Another piece of homework for me and Mr. Photoshop.

Wattpad: I will be hitting the three-hundred mark of followers and the thirty-thousand mark of readers due to the success of "A Brilliant Plan". We are at Chapter 45, five more to go!

Starting a new book: I am still undecided which topic to tackle next. It will be a romantic comedy, that is for sure. One a little darker, and one a little lighter and geekier. My mind tells me to do the lighter one first (a sort of Sex-and-the-City meets Start-up meets Gentlemen-prefer-Blondes mashup), but my heart lies with the slightly darker story (boy and girl are in love, fall apart, live their lives and accidentally meet again). If I see my follower group on Wattpad I might also dust-off a Calendar Moonshine short story from the shelf to bring that on the market before Christmas.