Pronoun Publishing - R.I.P.

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Today I received notification from one of my meta publishers "Pronoun" that they cease their operations. I have used them just a few weeks ago to publish my latest novel "Teen Monster Hunter" into the various e-channels for ebooks. 

Too bad. I really liked the uncomplicated interface that autosaved your inputs, always told you where you were in the process and did not asked you to overly format your Word document that would be converted by the service into the various' platform ebook formats. (A more detailed comparison to the gorilla in the room Smashwords can be found here)  No real reason was given by the mother-publishing company Macmillan. My guess: the financials weren't there for indie book publishing.


What does this mean for me? Well, first of all a lot of non-creative work to move some of my works over to another platform. Three of my works currently get distribution via Pronoun: "Teen Monster Hunters", "Troubleseeker", and "Pieces of Trouble".  Links change, formatting changes, resubmission process, new ISBN... I hate this distraction when all I want to do is write on my next books.

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Teen Monster Hunters - out now! Plus free goody!

This is it: Teen Monster Hunters is finally out and available at all major e-tailers (Print version to follow in a few days). Follow Sally Storm and her formidable friends, genius Ryan Montgomery and single-word slow guy Moe Doe, at their high school adventure to discover there is more to their school than obnoxious football jocks and boring classes.

But wait, there is more: I created a small sequel to Teen Monster Hunters called "The Test". And guess what, it's free!!! All you have to do is follow it on Wattpad, the serialized chapters will come out every two days. Hope this gives you a taste of the new series, and makes you addicted (and makes you buy Teen Monster Hunters!)

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"A Brilliant Plan" featured on Wattpad!

Proud to announce that my "A Brilliant Plan" novel is one of the "featured" books on Wattpad in the category "Mysteries / Thrillers". Of course you can head over to Wattpad and read the story there (all 50 Chapters of it). It's amazing how many people have read this story. A Brilliant Plan is the first English full length novel I published, so I hold it very dear to my heart. May many other people discover it during October's promotion!

If you prefer to read it on your beloved ebook reader like a Kindle or any other device, of course you may buy it at any online book outlet in any format imaginable. Fancy the print in your hands, also possible. Here's the link to my book page where you find some of the outlets selling the story.


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Title Reveal: Teen Monster Hunters

Cover TMH 600.jpg

Big news, the title for my next novel will be "Teen Monster Hunters". The title says it all. It's about hunters in their teenage years chasing a monster. 

And this is how you can help me and receive a free copy of the upcoming book: Head over to , logon with your Amazon account, and vote for Teen Monster Hunters!

This will help to land me a publishing deal with Amazon Publishing, which means a great makeover editing and better promotion for a great book!


Edit, Edit, Edit! All in the name of "Good"!

I hope, I do not complain too much about the editing process as such. It is simply a brutally boring work but it needs to be done. Received back the edited version of my newest Young Adult novel. Grammar and spelling I already approved mostly unseen. Writing in a non-native language gives you almost no argument NOT to accept these type of errors. That took ten minutes. 

What takes ten days is the content edit: Rephrasing, rewriting, logical error. See below one of the many examples. 

 Typical edit for rephrasing

Typical edit for rephrasing

What brings me through this phase is good music in the background. Yesterday it was a rediscovered Gerry Rafferty's City to City. Tonight William Fitzsimmons's Derivates enriched by Halloween, Alaska. Enough, I shouldn't write blogs, I should edit my manuscript!