Book 3 in the Troubleshooter Series

Paul Trouble, the one-handed ex-Marine and ex-spy turned corporate troubleshooter for his employer Strom Industries, receives a nightly visit from an injured man who dies on his doorstep. Two ruthless killers soon follow, only to be defeated Trouble-style. When they turn out to be policemen, Paul is perplexed. He has no idea why this is happening to him, but he will need to find out what is going on quickly before the killers strike again. If he fails, the police will put him behind bars. DCI Stephanie Burton of Scotland Yard investigates the double murder of two policemen at the London apartment of a Mr. Paul Trouble. Not a routine case, even in London. But Burton’s world is turned upside down when an attempt to kill her is made to stop the investigation. Burton must team up with murder suspect Paul to thwart a conspiracy that seems to have eyes and arms everywhere! With rising stakes, who can you trust when the enemies are those meant to protect you?