Five For Forever — A Romantic Comedy

Rick is trying to get his life back on track after his wife died, leaving him with four kids and a struggling boat building business. Louise is the greatest movie star of our time, trapped in the gilded cage of her success.

A chance encounter leads to an impossible love. Falling in love comes easy but the past, present, and paparazzi make staying in love a challenge. When things take dramatic turns, Louise and Rick learn that when it comes to love and family, there is no half-in. And sometimes, it needs four kids to make it work!

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Brilliant Actors

Brilliant Actors — Book 2 in the Calendar Moonstone "Brilliant" series

What could be more exciting than attending the Academy Awards ceremony, joining the hottest after-show party, and have an A-movie star wearing your jewelery?  
All of the above, plus spending the rest of the night in jail! Acclaimed jewelry maker and part-time cat burglar Calendar Moonstone finds a stolen necklace in her purse, an enigmatic, unemployed actor with a cheesy name working against her, full-time insurance nemesis Fowler Wynn hard on her trail, and an intriguing chief of police asking for a date. The only catch is she has just thirty days to clear her name or go to jail—permanently.
With the help of her trusted friend Mundy Millar, good ties in the movie business, and her uncle Bernie’s biker gang, Calendar sets out to make sure that the right person is caught and her own name cleared again. Even if it means she has to cut some corners, pick some locks, and break some hearts—Calendar style.

"To Catch a Thief" meets "Stephanie Plum"