The Year So Fast / Upcoming

2018 is almost over and 2019 knocks at my door. I managed to publish my usual two books, the German version of Teen Monster Hunters and the English follow-up Teen Vampire Hunters. Which is good, I guess. Sales-wise the monthly checks came in from my various publishing platforms, but definitely not with the numbers I’d like to see. It remains an inner struggle to spend time with non-writing activities. Maybe I should heed a friend’s advice and hire someone to run social campaigns to extend my readership.

The second route in 2019 will be the conventional publisher route. I have 11 full size books under my belt, have the basic handiwork of a writer, and the discipline to deliver on time. My current project is aimed at a broader thriller scifi horror audience and hopefully an agent or publishing house will be interested.

On a personal level, there are also big changes ahead. I am switching jobs, leaving behind a lot of very nice colleagues. The new job is a bit cloak and dagger, so I will not elaborate. I might need to establish a sort of topical firewall to separate truth from believable fiction when writing crime and spy stories.

And so it goes… 2018. Thanks for the memories. Good riddance to lost opportunities. 2019, it’s in my hands to do it better.

Joss Whedon turned to Shakespeare. I wrote a Teen Vampire novel instead.

Teen Vampire Hunters Alex Ames eBook Cover

Stumbled up on this FastCompany article about Joss Wheadon’s turn from super blockbuster (Avengers) to mid-budget Shakespeare. Mr. Wheadon of course is known to most as the creator of beloved cult TV classics like Fireflies, Dollhouse and of course his break-through creation Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. The article explains in a nice arc why he needed an artsy break after the exhaustive work on the action and effect driven Avengers movies.

I get that, but no Shakespeare for me.

I wrote a Teen Vampire novel instead. In a series of soft launches, Teen Vampire Hunters (TVH) will start to appear on the various digital outlets and eventually, later next week, in a paperback version, too.

TVH is the second novel in the Teen Monster Hunters series around angry Sally Storm and her friends, genius Ryan Montgomery and silent Moe NoLastName in the duties of the Supernatural Investigation Agency. This time the team is thrown into the scene alike an Agatha Christie novel. A gothic mansion, a dog sucked dry, and an asorted group of suspects.

What's up? That's on!

Long time no post on this site but I took it easy recently. As I replaced a 30 minute train commute (each way, very productive) by an eBike ride (60 minutes each way, sporty, but not productive). So I am missing 60 minutes a day in text production. Plus, the weather is fantastic currently and my evenings are shorter, too. And vacations...

Sounds like a lot of excuses NOT to write. But I am busy. Teen Vampire Hunters, the second installment of my Teen Monster Hunters series, is coming along well and I am in rework mode. The timing, characters and overall story line is fine, just some structural optimization. Followed by two more reviews. Hopefully I'll have that all behind me by end of August, to send it off to the editor. And finally start writing again. 

Next book is still a bit up in the air. I've had some motivation to pick up my second romantic comedy again, a piece I left off at about 80 % because I was unhappy with some of my characters. It's hard these days to write good romantic comedy where your characters are female, and professionally successful, but still you are required to have your heroines fall in love with hanging tongues. The second option is to continue with my science fiction horror action thriller, working title "The Transport". Also maybe in  state of 50 %, but needs a lot of rewrite to differentiate itself from the Teen Monster Hunters. (plays in high school, aliens in the basement, sounds familiar).