From the Writer's Desk

Hi there, not much happening in Writer's land. I had to travel a lot all over the place for my company, which took me away from my Mac and my iPad for the last three weeks. Every night a new hotel room, a new conference center, and new faces. Kind of social overload for an introvert like me. But it all went well and actually was a lot of fun. This is how Bruce Springsteen or the Rolling Stones must feel when they are doing one show a day for months and months. And we remember Mick Jagger's advice to us road warriors:

What else is new? Kindle Scout for "Troubleseeker" did not pan out, unfortunately. Even though it got almost the same exposure as "Five for Forever", they decided not to take it into their portfolio. Which means that I'll need to do the final edit and publishing one of these days. Big question is whether I'll make it an Amazon exclusive and put it into KDP Select, or do a broader release. Decisions, decisions. The Troubleshooter series so far hadn't created much buzz in the past, so I'd like to try something new this time. Most likely I'll publish it broadly and run a campaign via Wattpad. Put up the first "Troubleshooter" novel up to Wattpad, and advertise books two  and three ("Troublemaker", "Troubleseeker", and 2.5 "Pieces of Trouble") heavily. Maybe that works better. The Calendar Moonstone story gave a lot of attention.

Which brings me to the planning for the next novel. My latest work in progress "Matchbreaker" is about in the middle. Many core pieces are in place, although I am not so happy about style yet. It is supposed to be a romantic comedy, but I tend to linger too much on the backdrop (Start-up scene New York) instead of the hilarious comedic and romantic situations of my three main characters. After that it will likely be either the next Calendar Moonstone Brilliant novel (working title: Brilliant Heist)  or a high speed ultra-violent thriller with the working title "Rattlesnakes". I might throw a coin...


Troubleseeker in Review for Kindle Scout Publishing

The third Troubleshooter installment "Troubleseeker" is now through the month long public scouting period at Amazon's Kindle Scout program. It is a strange feeling to give your works out of your hand for a while, not thinking about it. The next book is in the works and I almost had pushed Troubleseeker out of my mind. But then the "It's over" email came in and I checked the stats for the scouting period. Look not as promising as the "Five for Forever" period.

The hours in hot & trending were about the same, but "Five" had more double the view numbers than Troubleseeker. I like the series tremendously, as it is a very versatile and creative universe for me. But the reception so far for the Troubleshooter books had been more than luke warm, and of course I need to ask myself "Will there be another step forward in the series?" Or do we call it quits and concentrate on other projects? I have ideas for at least three more Troubleshooter novels, so writing them is not a problem. But the positioning is an issue right now.

All right, let's see where Kindle Press's review will lead us. A few more days then I will know.

"Troubleseeker" at Kindlescout: VOTE!

Not sure who to vote for in a month? Hillary or Donald? If you can't make up your mind up until now, why not vote for me instead?

Kindlescout holds a voting for the next four weeks whether Troubleseeker, my latest Troubleshooter-series book, will be published at Kindle Press or not. The more attention it will get, the better! So spread the word!!!