Teen Monster Hunters republishing

That was another long hiatus from blogging / socializing. I spent a while translating Teen Monster Hunters, which led to some rephrasings and corrections on the English version, too. As my previous publisher closed shop a few days ago, I relaunched the eBook once more. And so it goes into Kindle Direct first for the next three months, should be up and running in a few days. Next update is the print version.

Teen Monster Hunters by Alex Ames Submission KDP.jpg

Five for Forever, now available on Kindle

Now, that was a journey, coming to a start. My first romantic comedy is now live on Amazon, available as an eBook on Kindle since today. The print version is one step behind, but should also be available in a few days. 

My homage to the great movie "Notting Hill", just with kids involved. It is great to see it coming to live, being developed and improved, and then on the digital shelf. 

End of today saw the book ranking at #1500 in the romantic comedy genre. Come on! This can get better. 

Sunday News: Five for Forever coming soon in print

Five for Forever, my first romantic comedy has been submitted into Createspace's formatting checker today and into Kindle Press' review process. As I have no comparission on speed, my assumption is that print will be out faster than the digital edition this time. A first for me. But at least it gives my wife the chance to read the book finally; she's sticking with good old paper.

Here is the reveal of the complete cover. Hope you like it. The digital edition will only show the front page, of course.

I had to do some minor adjustments to the digital edition, just some wordsmithing in the summary pages and the About the Author section.