From the Writer's Desk - March Update

Long time no hear. Working on various things at once, but most importantly, I switched projects in mid-stride. In my last post I tracked the progress for the next romantic comedy. A month ago I decided to put the writing on hold and concentrate on a new project. A bit of a longer explainer might come later, but I am almost done with what I set out to do. 

The new project came as sort of a Sunday night inspiration, writing a young adult novel based on "a formula". It took me about two days to work on the formula and then I simply started writing. I am now at 35K words of a 50K words target and hope to be done by end of April. That is the great thing about being an independent unsuccessful author — you can turn your ship on the top of a pin at moment's notice, as you are only responsible to you. The story based on the formula came out almost exactly as I envisioned it to be. A little too short after the first A-Z run, working on bolstering it up now. Thinking about illustration, too, but not sure how that will work, timing wise.

Going into Young Adult novels has another consequence: I'll need to restructure my website. Right now, I just have the content split in three sections: the blog you are reading now, English novels, German novels. This might not work as I'd like to keep kids and grown ups separated. Option would be to create another pen name and keep both identities apart. Or structure the site according to genres: Mystery&Thriller, Romantic Comedy, Young Adult, and German Young Adult. Let's see how flexible Squarespace is.

Another update from the back catalogue: Five for Forever is oscillating in the Amazon book charts. Don't worry, nothing spectacular. But this weekend it made it up to the 2000 of Romance and Woman Contemporary charts again after a while in the 10000-range. There seem to be buyers, after all. Hope they enjoy and recommend it.