I almost feel honored - when your own work shows up as "bootlegs"

My Google "Alex Ames" alert pinged me today with some obscure Russian website that promoted two of my works (Troubleshooter and Five for Forever). The whole site is about free eBooks (including fake comments that have no relevancy to my work, and are the same all over the place). The whole thing is completely set up as click-bait to lure greedy people in. 

So, don't go there, ignore the site, be assured, you will NOT receive one of my books for free on that site but will probably make the acquaintance of a virus or a trojan horse.

But I feel a little proud that two of my works can be found for click-bait. Does that mean my "name" baits? I did not make in in New York but in Nigeria or Russia, or China, or wherever?