Serial, Editing, Writing — Updates from the desk

Hi there, long time no news, but finally...

Serial: Kind reminder, A Brilliant Plan is still developing on Chapters 5 & 6 are up now and our heroine Calendar Moonstone is involved deeper and deeper into the net of murder, intrigue, and 150 year old diamond mystery.

Editing: Tuesday brought back my romantic comedy (with kids) Five for Forever from the Amazon editing service. I already had run the book past one editor to be able to publish it in case Kindle Publishing wouldn't pick it up. But they did, so I have the luxury of another round of publisher sponsored editing. I had thought the previous version was a solid one, but boy, had I been mistaken. Tons of suggestions and corrections to go through. I hope to finish by end of next week, eager to get it on the market.

Writing: My new Troubleshooter full sized novel is coming along nicely. It is set in London once more and a mix of Three Days of Condor meets The Jackal. I am about to reach the end of Act 3, where the main mystery will be revealed, sending Paul and his story-sidekick into a frenzied race against time to stop a conspiracy.