Five for forever — Out in print now!

It is only a first small step, and not the final version. But I wanted my wife to be able to hold my new book Five for forever in her hands and read it. Style-wise it is the first book I wrote not only dedicated to her, but actually for her liking, as she usually reads chick lit along the lines of Cecilla Ahern or Jojo Moyes. As mentioned before, there will be slight overhaul. So it is your chance now to buy the first edition print version before I will adapt it later this month. Who knows how much it will be worth in a few years from now?

Five for forever is like the movie Notting Hill, but with kids involved. A widowed California boat builder with four kids falls in love with the greatest movie star of our time. Love and conflict might tear them apart again, but never underestimate the power of kids to make things right again between the grown-ups.

You can order it on Amazon or on other online retailers or (when you are in the US) in bookstores.