Private Trouble — Showing up on Wattpad

A Troubleshooter universe Novella is out on Wattpad. In the next days I will bring up the various chapters for the small story about Troubleshooter Paul Trouble.

I brainstormed a series of Troubleshooter shorts, or novellas as Amazon classifies them. Private Trouble is the second, the first being Trouble at Christmas. Where Trouble at Christmas was to present a glimpse into Paul Trouble’s roots, back home in Montana in the present day, Private Trouble is taking us twenty years back when Paul was just becoming a Marine, waiting for his first deployment overseas. It’s not the Paul Trouble we know from Troubleshooter, that world-weary, very resourceful but crippled and burned out forty-year-old version of the soldier we meet in Private Trouble. Young Private Paul Trouble enjoys time off, flirts with local college girls, and, of course, gets into local trouble. It shows his early deduction capabilities and his action-oriented approach to life, still somewhat unsure about his abilities, but confident that he will get there.

Private Trouble will be part of a small Novella anthology of Troubleshooter short stories called "Pieces of Trouble". More the next time.