Tripple Trouble

My Five for Forever submission might delay the publishing throughout the nomination process of maximum of 45 days. But I've got other things to keep me busy. The editor returned three short stories from the Troubleshooter universe which I will do some stuff with.

First is a print edition called Pieces of Trouble that will collect the four existing Troubleshooter novellas in one book. To be honest, this one is a pure vanity thing to have a copy of those novellas sitting on my shelf. It will be a thin one with around 160 pages, but again, more for haptics than for reading.

Second channel then is eBook teasers through KDP Select. Maybe the shorts will fly in a give-away scenario.
Third channel will be a bit-by-bit chapter-by-chapter publishing on Wattpad and maybe some other platforms. I have no high hopes, but maybe I can kindle some interest to the Paul Trouble adventures.
Then, after all is said and done, a Pieces of Trouble eBook collector through Smashword and others.

Maybe a good reminder: there is already a Troubleshooter Novella out there. Even though we are all glad that Christmas is behind us, it is a winter season book foremost. Available on Amazon and on Wattpad.