Troubleseeker launch on its way...

Listening to Bear's Den new single "Berlin" fairly loud, even though the house is dark is quiet, everyone else asleep. This is out of my hands now. Work is done. "Baby on the way, catch!" Pressed the "Publish" button, mere days before Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Barnes and Nobles will start carrying "Troubleseeker", the third (or fourth, depending how you count) installment from the Troubleshooter universe.

Always a good feeling, on the other hand a scary feeling, letting go of a story that consumed you for about half a year, many train rides, many late evenings. Your protagonists gather around you like ghosts, whispering their story to you, consuming your thoughts, inspiring you to write their story, their truth and your truth mix until the story is made of one thought, made of one truth. 

THE MAN ON PAUL Trouble’s doorstep fell into his apartment with a solid thud, muttered something that could be widely interpreted as “far,” “harr,” or “argh,” and died. Paul stood in his PJs and stepped aside to avoid getting any blood on his bare feet. The dead guy’s hands, face, and back were sticky and dark with it, soiling Paul’s hardwood floor and the corridor’s carpet.
When the doorbell had rung, Paul had expected a neighbor asking for late-night assistance, not a film-noir situation. A quick inspection of the hallway and staircase confirmed that the bleeding had been heavy all up the stairs. Paul was sure he would get into trouble with his neighbors in the morning.
— First sentence "Troubleseeker"