T2 Updates - a setup deconstructed.

I want to share with you some of the writing process on the example on my current ongoing book. There is no title yet, so it sits in my Production folder labelled "T2". It will be a kidnapping story where a high ranking manager of Strom Industries falls prey to kidnappers and Paul does his best to help "Troubleshooter" style. When I first thought about the story, I wanted it to be two distinct parts. First part is the actual kidnapping and ransom exchange and of course things go wrong and some action and shooting ensues. The second half of the book then brings our hero Paul Trouble in conflict with the actual kidnappers and I thought it would be nice if Paul is pitted against a whole group of bad guys in a very stark and lonely environment, where Paul is completely left on his own and the rest of the good guys are pure ball-on-chains, not helping Paul at all. So, that is the original setup: First part the kidnapping, second part a lonely fight in deep winter woods.
"Original" will not mean "final". I will try an experiment when the complete story is done and written and mash up kidnapping AND lonely fight sections. We follow the lonely fight out in the woods and in backdrops recite how Paul ended up in this situation. So for example, the last stand scene at the end of the book will be juxtaposed with the final scene before Paul is leaving for his trip into the wilderness.
It would be interesting maybe to do some A-B testing. One book version with the sequence action and another book version with the mashed up version.