Once in a while... Updates

Postings become rare for me after the promotional stuff around Brilliant Actors and my finalisation of the second installment of my YA novel "Piratenkapitän". So it is time to sit down again and crunch words and action:
T2, the second Troubleshooter book is in the making. This is a crazy one. I had put a lot of pre-structuring into the book and had intended to then run through it similar to "Troubleshooter": from A-Z. Man, was I wrong so far. I started at A and wrote down the first and most of the second act. Then I got bored by the middle and began experimenting. I wrote backwards, Chapter Z of the big finale and then Y,X,W... That was an interesting experience as I alway knew what to drive towards as the future was already cast in stone.
And then, when I reached the middle of the fourth act, I got bored again and started doing the middle of the third act. L, M, N...
Anyway, it's moving forward.