Halt stehenbleiben! Wait what is German doing in this blog, verdammt noch mal?

Long time no hear, almost six weeks. This happens when you write and edit and edit and edit. But now it's done: my second installment for my young-adult novel Piratenkapitän is ready to get out to print. Piratenwhat? Piratecapitain! Sorry, no English translation for this book. So, what is this all about all of a sudden? Here is the official explainer:
I write in English and German and enjoy both. Don't ask me why, no clear answer. But the clear answer why the Pirate-YA-novels are written in German is simple: so that my boys can read it while they are young. They are the target audience for this one, not the crime-book lovers out there in the world. When I started publishing one-and-a-half years ago, I divided my writing identity into two: Alex Ames was taking care of English crime, Alex Bernhard stepped in for German young adult books. But what I hadn't thought about: there is work involved to keep two sets of promotional identities alive: two things of everything, webpages, Facebooks, Twitters, e-mail...  Enough now of that. To simplify my writing life it will from this book on run under one flag: Alex Ames.