Cover Preview "Trouble at Christmas - A Troubleshooter Novella"

And here the exclusive preview of my "Trouble at Christmas" cover. I will still fine-tune it as I am not happy with the alpha-channels of the Christmas tree branch; my evaluation copy of Photoshop ran out and Powerpoint's functionality is unusable for such fragile graphic with all the needles and their backdrop. Intention was to have a design compatible cover to the first "Troubleshooter" novel, the next one will then probably be black or dark blue.

"Trouble at Christmas" will continue Paul Trouble's adventures right from the point where "Troubleshooter" left off, with Paul visiting his Dad in the USA for Christmas holidays. It is not a full novel (if I remember correctly "Troubleshooter had about 70.000 words where "Christmas" has about 13.000) and it will be published under the "Novella" label that Amazon has used in the past for a lot of premium writer's short stories.  (My favorite one: The Second Son by Lee Child).