Writing vs. Publishing

It becomes a little tug of war in my head:
Do I continue optimizing my publishing portfolio? (3 books in a year, not too bad, I guess.)
Or do I reserve the time to write on my next book?

Already posed myself this question a while ago.

For a change, I started the second installment of my Pirate-Trilogy well prepared. Never before I have pre-structured the story from A-Z  (also in lieu of the third installment building upon certain setups I need to introduce in the second book). So writing along this pre-structure is super-easy. I can virtually pick and choose which chapters I write first; depending on my liking and daily motivation. This makes it easy to sit down and simply write, write, write.

On the other hand, the other books could use some advertising and mingling.

Hard decision. I probably will do both: writing on the commute train and publishing tasks at night.