"Troubleshooter" out now!

Alex Ames - Troubleshooter

Very happy to announce: the new baby is finally out. Troubleshooter is coming out on

Amazon Kindle



just about now.

One hundred million dollars have gone missing from the accounts of Strom Defense Industries. An underwhelming assignment for ex-soldier-ex-spy-turned-financial-controller Paul Trouble. But soon the case turns into murder and mayhem, and Paul will need all his former skills to stay on top of the game. 

Other eBooks editions will pop up a little later via Smashword distribution at all other major eTailers. The print-version will come last, as it will take some additional formatting. Troubleshooter is my first attempt of a thriller, old style. There are a lot of inspirations that I tried to emulate into the book (I'll start listing them in some separate postings), but hopefully I managed to keep my individual style, too. Up to you to judge.